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[entertainment] 百部(双语)澳电视台播放电影观后笔记 & 纪录片

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The Well-Digger's Daughter - 2011 French romantic comedy 挖井人的女儿

Will the poor daughter of a well-digger marry the wealthy son of a shopkeeper?
Will the well-digger get his sense of honor back and his deeply loved daughter back?
beautifully made


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Mao's Last Dancer - 2009 Australian movie 毛的最后舞者

Although I don't agree with what Li did during the period of his time, I must admit that all of the Chinese elements in this movie made me very emotional. I miss China, the culture and the people in general ... so much!



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We of the Never Never  -  1982 Australian movie

The screenplay based on an autobiography of the same name.
settings - a red sandy country, Elsey Station located in 400 - 500 Km of south Darwin in 1902
The Never Never land was associated the Outback Australia.
In 1908 Mrs Aeneas Gunn - pen name in Jeannie Gunn published the novel.

背景是 牧场 Elsey Station, 坐落在红色沙地的澳大利亚内陆,达尔文南部,时间是1902年
The Never Never land 是指澳大利亚远离文明的内陆
小说作主 Aeneas Gunn ,笔名是Jeannie Gunn 在1908年就发表了此小说


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请问 在哪里下的看呢


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John Q - 2002 American drama

Could you see your son dying and do nothings? This is the story of John Q, a father whose son needs a heart transplant. The problem is the Insurance won‘t cover it. What would he do?
John Q 的故事,儿子需要心脏移植,但保险公司不管。父亲会眼看儿子死亡吗?



Frozen River - 2008 American Crime Drama  

Life is harsh for the indian mother whose first child was taken away as well as the mother of two who is abandoned just before Christmas. To make matters worse the indian mother could not read and the white could not get a full time job. With the desperate circumstances the two mothers are drawn into trafficking illegal immigrants across the frozen river to make money.

4 ethnic groups showed in the movie
the Whites - the mother of two and policement
the Indian people - the mother and the people in Indian reservation
the Chinese men and women - smugglers (the men saying in Mandarin “臭女人" & the women "发生什么事了?")
the Pakistani couple - smugglers (duffel bag might contain explosives)
I'm not happy with how the Chinese were portryed in the movie. Apparently the screenwriter didn't know much about Chinese.

American Indian reservation
There are about 310 Indian reservations in the United States, where an area of land is managed by a Native American tribe under the Law.
Canada Indian Reserve
the areas set aside for First Nations people


电影出现 4 个族裔的镜头
白人 - 两个孩子的妈妈和警察
印第安人 - 单身妈妈和印第安人特区的人们
中国人 - 偷渡者 (男人中文说 ‘臭女人’;女人说“发生什么事了”)
巴基斯坦人 - 偷渡夫妻 (旅行包也许有爆炸物品)
很不喜欢电影里中国人的刻画, 显然剧本作者并不了解中国人。

美国印第安人Native American tribe 特区和加拿大土著人特区First Nations people



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Being Julia 2004 Drama

"I don't want to lose you. I have few friends and you're the only person in my life with whom I can be entirely myself. I'm terribly low at the moment. I need you..."
so speaks Julia, a formost diva in a London theatre. Her hero is a young man who is a gold-digging gigolo. Meanwhile the husband of Julia got his another casual tryst.
You belive it? The aging woman got lost.

‘我不想失去你。我没有什么朋友,而你是唯一的一人,当我与你在一起时候,我才可以是我自己。 此时我情绪低谷期,我需要你。。。’
Julia, 一个伦敦剧院首席演员说。 她的听者是一个年轻的男人,一个挖金靠女人吃饭的男人。 与此同时,Julia 的丈夫有了另一个幽会女人。


Henry Poole is Here 2008 American drama

'Henry Poole WAS here, ' finishes off this line that Henry is waiting to die.
Anyhow with the miracle of the face of 'Jesus Christ' he restores his faith in life.
Here is 'Henry Poole IS here.'

‘Henry 曾经来过这里,’写完这句,Henry 只等待死神的降临
现在是 ‘Henry 在 这里 ’


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P.S. l Love You  2007 American drama

P.S. I Love You (novel) was published in 2004 and was the first novel of an Irish author, Cecelia Ahern.
P.S. I Love You (film) was produced by Molly Smith and dedicated to her sister.
themes, death and love

同名小说 2004年出版,爱尔兰女作家
电影制片人Molly Smith,把此片献给她的姐姐



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Xingu - 2011 Brazilian film 巴西片 发生在亚马逊河上的故事

Seems to me the movie looks like a semi-documentary.
The story takes place in central Brazil in 1940's when the three brothers made peace with the indians and persuaded the government to found the Xingu National Park - Indians reseves.

故事发生在1940年代的巴西中部。 三兄弟与巴西中部的土著人和平相处,并说服政府建立一个土著人保护区。

XINGU 3.jpg


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With Honors - 1994 American comedy

The protaganist of the movie, an honors student in the government program at Harvard University, turns his final paper in late. However he graduats from ' life school with honors, ' quote from a homeless man who is a quitter but not a loser.
这是一个街头流浪人说的, 一个退出生活的人,并不是因为失败。


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Fargo   -      American dark comedy TV series

setting, a small town where everyone knows each other.
Malvo, malicious, violent and inhuman
policemen, way too trusting

What's annoyed me was each episode begins with the superimposed text:
"This is a true story. ... has been told exactly as it occurred."
As a matter of fact, the claim is totally fictional.
A deceptional device that used by the executive. How ridiculous is that? I'm, too, trusting!

故事发生在一个小镇, 人人认识彼此

“这是一个真实的故事 。。。完全的事实。。 ”
究竟事实是什么,故事并不是真实的!这是导演骗人的技俩。 我,也太过于信任人啦!

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2012 - a 2009 American epic science fiction

Haven't seem much this kind of movies. Disasters! Kept my adrenaline pumping to the end of film.
Interesting, seeing the mankind ended up in Tibet, in China.


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THe Worst News from Your Beautiful Lips  ---    2011 Brazilian romance

A naked girl is crawling on the beach right from the opening scene.
Ran it on and nothing interested.
I killed it not long after.


Behind the Sun - 2001 Brazilian film (Shattered April in Portuguese title)

Setting - the badlands of Northeast Brazil in 1910
Characters -
the kid, the youngest son in the family / the narrater of the movie
the middle son, he's next in line to kill and then die in an ongoing blood feud with their neighbour family
Plot - For generations, the two families have quarreled over land.
Issues - family honor
Culture -
Blood has the same volume for everyoen. You have no right to take more blood than was taken from you.
THat is an eye-for-an-eye, a tooth-for-a-tooth , in Chinese 以血换血,以牙还牙

文化根基 - 每个人的血是平等的,你只能提取相等的你被拿走的那部分

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A Time to Kill   ---  1996 American drama (legal suspense)

It's an adaptation of a 1989 novel of the same name that we could learn about how the legal system works in the USA.
Settings - the story takes place in the fictional town of Clanton, Mississippi in 1984.
Themes - legal justice, racist (between the black and the white)
Characters - Jake (a white attorney), Carl (the African-American father of a 10 yo girl who is viciously raped and beaten by two white racists)
Plot - The father killed the two rapists of his 10 yo girl. Jake trys to get him accuitted. The war between justice and racisim begins.


Historical facts:
Ku Klux Klan = the Klan = KKK
Started in 1860s. Its ideology was white supremacy.
( '3K' in 1920s in China)

故事地点和时间:创作出来的小城Clanton, 美国密西西比州偏远地区, 1984年
主要人物角色:Jake 白人律师, Carl 黑人父亲,其仅10岁的女儿被两个白人种族歧视者强奸而且欲图谋杀


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The War of the Roses - 1989 American black comedy

It's not the Wars of the Roses between red and white roses in the middle age of England.
It's a fictional story that starts with a romantic relationship and ends up in the death of the couple.
Two young people fall in love with each other at first sight. The husband could not understand why his wife wants a divorce while he's working so hard for the benefit of the family. When the legal issue arises the war between Mr Rose and Mrs Rose begins.


两个年轻人一见钟情。 当妻子提出离婚时,丈夫不明白为什么他如此努力工作却得到此结果。 离婚案开始之时,就是Rose先生和Rose夫人战争的开始。

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Splendor In the Grass - 1961 American drama

The title is based upon a poem written by English romantic William Wordsworth.
The chosen stanza goes like this:
What thought the radiance which was once so bright
Be now forever taken from my sight
Though nothing can bring back the hour
of spendor in the grass, of glory in the flower
We will grieve not, rather find
Strength in what remains behind ...

The story was set in 1928 just before the great depression.
The themes of this movie are sexual repression and neurosis. Well made. Tragic, coming-of-age.
Things change and life moves on no matter what has happened.

"I don't think too much about happiness, either. "
"What's the points? You gotta take what comes."


影名来自英国浪漫主义诗人 威廉 华兹华斯的一首诗

主题是青春年少的性压抑和情绪变动。悲剧,成长的故事。 极好的片子。

‘我现在不再一味追求幸福 ’
“有什么意义呢? 人只有接受生活的给与。”

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The Irishman - 1978 Australian drama

Very slow paced as a start but I didn't turn it off. What I have got from my persistance is splendor!
Touched by it.
Set in Queensland outback in the 1920s. I could imagine what cirsumstance it once was. Believe me that I accomplished a long trip to the Queensland Outback days ago. The memories of it are as fresh as the morning dew and the image of it is as clear as crystal.
It gives me a clear picture that how people lived and went through the old days.
The caring mother, the bread-winner father, the lovely son, the rebel son, the drover, the stockman, milking cow...
Simply love it.


剧情起始很慢, 但我没有关闭电视,坚持下来的回报就是精彩!
故事背景设在1920年代的昆士兰州内陆。不难想象当时的情境。 相信我,刚刚完成了一段内陆的旅行。 记忆依然鲜活如晨露,印象依然清澈如水晶。

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The Irishman

note taking

G'day to you, Mr..  
Thanks for letting me know. Mr...
Dad sends his best.
So long = Goodbye

You'll be late for work. Mr... has a demand for punctuality.

lads - young men
I'm looking for a lad of his age.

Tell him to mind his own affairs.
The cloth, lovely, how lovely, I'll be the balle of the ball.
This is a dry, old argument = Let's have a drink
The age of speed, they call it. The future is in motors.

Speed in a horse is enough for me. I'll stick to what I'm good at.
Hi Eric, come and have a spin. - drive a round

Listen to me for a change. Eric is no fool.
Always telling never listen
Doesn't hurt to move with the times.
He is just pig-headed. - stubborn and conceited
hot-headed - lose temper and get mad easily
He's got too big for his boots = arrogant, conceited, behave he is better (more important) than others
It's a strange world. Back Irland, a man with a team would be a king.

The grandma - How dotty I am   / slightely strange or mentally ill
I want my old bones to lie comfortably.
She always likes fine things. It's  a man's world in bush.
She (Bo Bo) is class that they normoally don't have.
Don't be too critical, boy, Dad's alright. Don't judge him too harsh.

I'm a stranger to luck.

Have a drink. They have soft stuff.
There is a blue(fight) in the bar.

Always listen to advise even though you don't take it. Always listen.

You're set in your ways. I need a young lad that I can do my way.
People are slow to change.
Jesus, I got a big mouth. Well, I'm not proud.
Just take it easy. We'll get along.
I know that sort.
Drinks it on me. This is between me and my son. - to celebrate ..

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Celia - 1989 Australian drama (light horror)

The film opens up with a little girl found her beloved granny's body.
Sets in a suburban of Melboune in 1950s, another coming-of-age story

There are two historical circumstances in particular that play a major role in the movie.
The growing red scare is the first. Three communists in it, grandmother, Alice and her husband.
The second one is the rabbit plague. By the 1950s, the overunning rabbits threateded to wipe out the country's agriculture that the government regulated to ban rabbits.


1989年 澳大利亚出品

红色恐怖(对共产主义者的恐惧)是其一。 三个共产主义者, 祖母, Alice 和她丈夫

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Four Minutes - 2006 German drama

Miss Kruger has worked as a veteran piano teacher in the same women's penitentiary for 60 years.
Jenny, a convict, is volatile and disturbed but gifted in playing piano and has her 4 minutes of glory at the end of movie.
a number of underlying subplots - the abuse of Jenny as a child (her father tried to turn her into a Mozart-like child prodigy), the guilt of the old lady and the father of Jenny, the prison politics


Kruger 女士作为多年经验的钢琴教师,服务于女狱60年了。
Jenny, 一个罪犯,易怒心理不稳定但赋有钢琴弹奏的天才,电影结束是有4分钟的精彩演出。
Jenny的不幸童年 (其夫要她成为莫扎特那样的儿童奇才);
Miss Kruger的不安和Jenny父亲的愧疚;

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Forever Enthralled     aka Mei Lanfang  梅兰芳 -- 2008 Chinese biographical drama

梅兰芳, 风云灿烂的一生。
台上唱戏,台下做人;台上为女人, 台下为男人




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White Night - 2007 Denish psychological drama

Ulrich - the protagonist of the movie, a workahollic, self-pity and self-distruction
the wife of Ulrich - a well-to-do woman, shopping, friends
the drunken man in the pub - hopeless loser
the wife of the drunken man - low class with a clear head / financially struggle to support the two kids
Issues - guilt, dealing with grief and forgiveness

Anyone interested can watch it online (English-friendly)
The full episode is now available on the SBS website.


Ulrich - 故事主角, 工作狂,自怜自弃
Ulrich的妻子 - 生活滋润的女人,逛店,朋友成群
醉酒男人 - 生活的失败者
醉酒男人的妻子 - 生活在社会底层但不乏清晰的头脑 / 艰难地养育着2个孩子
主题 - 自责,对待悲痛,宽恕


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Lust, Caution  - 2007 Chinese drama 色戒

A beautiful and delicate, 19 year-old girl whose father and brother moved to Britain after her mother's death was left behind in China with no chance to join them.
Mr Yee, a political and powerful figure, has no one on the earth to put trust on as he kills people for living.
The two are lonely people. One is from Venus while the other is from Mars. What would happen when they meet?

It's a shame that I've never tended to learn about Mahjong. Don't quite get the connotation behind so many scenes of playing mahjong.
As an adult, I do deep down feel the same with the protagonists. THere is not much dialogue between them but simply eye to eye and the startlingly intimate sex.


色戒 - 中国片

具有中国女人独特之美的 19 岁女主角, 其父和弟在其母离世后移居英国。 她,独自生活在中国。
Yee, 一个高权在位的政治人物,以杀人为生,没有任何人可信任。

作为成年人来讲, 确实可以理解两主角。 两个人不用说多,两目相望,令人震惊的做爱镜头, 胜过言语。

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The Lost Bladesman 关云长 2011 Chinese

The film opens up with a head brought to Cao Cao who is saying "He was a wolf with the soul of a lamb."
The head is Guan Yunchang, the legend of a swordsman in Chinese history.
With his fighting skills of sword, bravery, loyalty he became a deity in many ways of Chinese culture.



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Troubled Water - 2008 Norwegian drama

Themes, grief, guilt, forgieness
Agnes, unable to stop grieving over the loss of her son until she finds out exactly how her son died, though the boday has never been found.
Thomas, the accused murderer tries to make a new life and fulfil his passion for playing the organ in a church.


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yearshappy + 50 :)全部是电视, 网上应该不多,版权问题



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MICHELLE07 发表于 11-8-2014 22:10
准备详读了。其中一些视频要好好看看。你都是通过电视的电影频道收看吗? ...

Hi Michelle, I was trying to find it out for you last night.
Almost forgot. SBS is the one where you can watch movies online by an expiry date.
Here it is. http://www.sbs.com.au/movies/video

You're more than welcome to have your own blog for it.


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MICHELLE07 + 50 太好了!谢谢年版



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Borderline Murder - 2011 American suspense drama

The screenplay was adapted from a few true stories reported on the news.
A clinic at the Mexico border offers plastic surgery to women in the United States.
The lure is the cheaper prices compared to American doctors. Women have then gone missing.
The old sister is seraching for her missing sister in Mexico.




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The Admiral -- 2008 biopic Russian movie

The admiral, Alexander Kolchak, was one of the most controversial political figure in Rissia history. Kolchak is an enduring legend hisotians and politicians still argue about ... There were many victories and as many defeats in his life.
Sofia Kolchak, the wife of Kolchak. She and their son moved to France in 1919. Sofia died in 1956 and the son dies in 1965.
Anna, the lover of Kolchak, was born into the family of famous musician in Moscow. She was gifted in painting and poet, also fluent in French and German. In 1911 she married a navy officer at age 19 and had a son three years later.
In 1915 she began a love affair with Kolchak.  When he was handed over to Bolsheviks, Anna approached to them:' Arrest me. I cannot live without him.  She was released after Kolchak's execution in 1920. Then several impresonments by Soviet authorities followed and she was not allowed to live in Moscow.
In 1954 she wrote to the Premier: 'I'm 65 and I'm in exile. Everything that happened 35 years ago is gone down in history. I have no idea who and why want that the last days of my life passed in such unbearable conditions. I ask you to put an end to it, do away with it and let me breathe and live that time which is left for me.'
She was neat, well-mannered old lady with short grey hair and bright lively eyes. She played a noble old lady in Sergei Bondarchuk's 'War and Peace'. Died in 1975.

See how the director of the movie described the movie
'It's about a man who tries to create history, to take an active part in history, as he gets caught in the turmoil. However, he keeps on struggling, he preserves his honor and his dignity, and he continues to love.'

Stereotype Russian heroines in novels
They love up to the last drop of blood, till the most dreadful end, to the death; they are capable of leaving family and children for the love of the man which they have chosen.

Alexander Kolchak, 上个世纪苏俄历史知道今天依然具有争议的一个人物。短暂的生命中胜利无数,失败致命。
Sofia Kolchak, Kolchak的妻子。 她与他们的儿子十月革命后移居法国。
Anna, Kolchak 的情人, 出生莫斯科著名音乐世家,年轻时擅长绘画和作诗,法语和德语流利。19岁结婚,22岁生儿,23岁认识Kolchak。 7年婚姻后离婚。当情人被出卖给俄共产党时,要求与情人一起。 1920年,Kolchak 被红军处死,她也同时被释放。不过之后一而再再而三地被关进监狱集中营等。
1954年写信给当局:我65岁了,一直被流放。 35年前的所有都已经是历史。我实在不知道是谁究竟为什么要我生命中最后的时光如此不可忍受。 我请求你让此刑结束吧,在我生命剩余时年可以自由呼吸。
老年的她,银灰短发,依然熠熠有神的眼睛,整洁,举止得体。 在‘战争与和平’中扮演了之一的老年贵族女士。 寿止1975年。




Rasputin -- 2013 Russian biographic film

Grigori Rasputin was born into a peasant family in Siberia in Russia, known for his prophetic powers, mysterious healing skills and unusual death
Czar Nicholas II, the last emperor of Russia
February and October Revolutions
The World War I


西伯利亚出生的 Rasputin , 其父母境况较好。年轻时酗酒, 19岁成婚,有三个孩子。后成为修道士,离家出走。去过印度和中东地区。 赢得最后一个俄沙皇和其妻子的信任。
在皇家时,与许多上层社会女人有染。参与沙皇国事, 激贵族之愤,被下药在酒里,在点心里,居然不死;再被枪击,投入冰河。之后尸检,竟然是被淹死的。
俄皇 Czar 爱上德国公主并成婚。但这位新皇后是为忧郁的人,‘皇家病’延续在他们唯一的儿子血液里。 沙皇夫妇,4个女儿,一个儿子全被苏军秘密杀绝
俄国二月革命,十月革命, 世界第一次大战

Kolchak 和 Rasputin 两人是同一时期, 但从没有见过面
虽说两人都是沙皇派的铁杆支持者,因为Rasputin 名声不好,Kolchak 话语恶向Rasputin

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